Words flutter around my head, droning like tiny insects. Lazily, I watch them. Careening through the air, they cast shadows on the page below, like those from clouds on a farmers field. Finally, I act. Slowly, I reach out with my pen. Carefully, I select a target. Swiftly, I strike out. Spearing my target, I drag it to the pristine page. Screeching, it spills out ink on the page. The process now started, I select another target quickly. Again and again I lash out, laying the corpses of these words down in a row on the page. I harness the words together, forming thoughts, bending them to my will. Evidence of these words now litters the page. The words pile up on the page. I pause and reflect the carnage. What did I accomplish? Did the words accomplish my goal? In committing the words to the page, did I succeed in expressing my thoughts? A short writing exercise I used in order to jump start my creativity.