Family Day

Family Day is statutory holiday in Ontario, introduced in 2008. Cleverly, the University of Waterloo also has reading week at the same time, avoiding having an extra day off for students. This hopefully means a more relaxed week for myself, as it will be a short work week, without classes or assignments to worry about. It's been a fairly relaxing day, despite the need to shovel some fresh snow. Light fluffy stuff, not really worthwhile snowblowing. It's been a fairly productive day as well. More work done on clearing out my old office upstairs, sorting through several shelves, into "store" and "recycle" boxes. Some boxes were already being stored in the closet upstairs, but rather than sort through them now, I've just moved them as-is.

I really should be following some of the tips on unclutterer, but I'm working to a schedule. Since they're being moved into an obviously temporary location on another floor, I'll be strongly encouraged to go through them when time isn't as tight.

Adding to the holiday fun, my daughter has a bit of a fever. Right now, she's cuddled up on the couch, watching cartoons. Rather, watching a single episode of My Little Pony continuously. "Daddy, I want to watch Dragon My Little Pony". How can I say no when she's feeling sick? Poor munchkin.