Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Ok, so very late to the party here. I was going to ask how I managed to miss this until now, but from the box office receipts, I'm not the only one who did. I tend to think I have a slightly better reason than others, what with a toddler and all. If it's not made by Disney, I often don't get the chance to see things in theatres. I haven't really been a Michael Cera fan, I've never seen Arrested Development. While I thought Superbad was an amusing movie, Cera's role was eclipsed by Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, not to mention Bill Hader and Seth Rogen.

The only other Cera flick I've seen was Juno, where he again plays second fiddle, this time to the wonderful Ellen Page. I don't know. I guess Michael Cera just plays that shy guy, staying out of the lime light. He's never really been that big of a draw for my attention. If I had ever seen Arrested Development, maybe I'd think otherwise.

Back to Scott Pilgrim. Such a fun movie. Talk about rooting for the underdog. Seven evil exes? So much fun. Stylistically, this is a beautiful movie. The battle scenes are appropriately epic. I love the way they compressed and lengthened distance throughout.

The movie is touching, and mostly upbeat. I kept finding myself smiling and laughing throughout. The film is full of quirky humour. The casting is inspired. The Evil Exes include Chris Evans (Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies, as well as the upcoming Captain America), as well as Brandon Routh (Superman). Kieran Culkin being cast as Scott Pilgrim's roomate, Wallace Wells  was the coup de grâce. Every time he was on screen, smirking at someone was just too much.

While I don't visit Toronto often enough to recognize many of the scenes, those filmed at Casa Loma were instantly recognizable.

This movie is underrated in my books. It's high energy, and a lot of fun. Worth watching.