McDonald's Buttermilk Biscuit OF DOOM

I'm generally interested when new products are launched, especially when free samples are provided as part of a marketing campaign. So, McDonald's refreshed their coffee line last year? I gave it a try. This year, they're launching new Buttermilk biscuits. Think about their Bacon and Egg McMuffin, but instead of the english muffin, it has been replaced by a biscuit. I thought this might be a reasonable option. While Tim Hortons offers both a homestyle biscuit and an english muffin, I prefer their biscuit. What can I say about the McDonald's biscuit? Well... I suppose it didn't taste as greasy as their english muffins. That's the good side of things. The biscuit itself was dry and floury. It had very little taste of its own, and the texture overwhelmed the comparatively small amount of eggs and bacon. In the end, I couldn't even finish it. What I did manage to get down is now sitting like a rock in my stomach.

They're available for free tomorrow as well. I think I'll pass. While I'm reasonably certain that this isn't what McDonald's intended for them to taste like, I don't have any desire to try them again. In order for a promotion to work, your product actually has to be good. If it's an unpleasant experience, it's going to be counterproductive.