On Photography

I considered doing a 365 day photography project this year, but decided against doing so this year. While I'm currently on a good start for daily blogging, I suspect that adding daily photography would cause me to miss one, and likely both of these goals. I do plan on some photography projects as part of this blog, but instead of just posting some photos snapped during the day, I'm hoping to do a more in depth analysis of what I did, and go into more detail.

I would like to work at more at portraiture this year, and practice different lighting techniques.

Christmas Photo

Here's a Christmas photo of my primary photo subject. The lighting from this photo is coming from two locations. I have a Nikon SB-28 at camera left, shooting down through a white umbrella. To camera right is a Nikon SB-25 at a lower power, shooting through an Aurora max/mini soft box. If you examine the white ornaments closely, you can see the second specular highlights from the SB-25. Looking at this shot, I think I should have tried to even out her shadow on the wooden mantle behind her, but I had limited time in which to shoot. Little girls don't like to stand around too long while you fiddle with lighting.

I had a great deal of fun with this photo, although the trickiest part was getting my photo subject to stand still. Finally, it was suggested that she should ring the jingle bell ornament while her stuffed sheep toy "sang" Jingle Bells. Sometimes the simple tricks work the best I was quite pleased with how her hair caught the highlights from the flash.